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I see what confused you: there is no package called mono in Fedora.

However, it seems that the main functionality is provided by mono-core:

# yum info mono-core
Loaded plugins: langpacks, presto, refresh-packagekit
Available Packages
Name        : mono-core
Arch        : i686
Version     : 2.10.5
Release     : 1.fc16
Size        : 12 M
Repo        : fedora
Summary     : The Mono CIL runtime, suitable for running .NET code
URL         :
License     : MIT
Description : This package contains the core of the Mono runtime including its
            : Virtual Machine, Just-in-time compiler, C# compiler, security
            : tools and libraries (corlib, XML, System.Security, ZipLib,
            : I18N, Cairo and Mono.*).

That's probably what you will want to install first.

Then to do some development, you would probably want the mono-devel package, and a few other libraries depending on what you actually want to do. (e.g gnome-sharp for GNOME development in .NET, etc...)

Yum can help you find a list of mono-related packages in Fedora:

# yum list \*mono\*

Of course, not all mono-related packages contain "mono" in their names (I already provided gnome-sharp as an example), so you'll have to search a bit for the rest. Hopefully this should get you started though.

Finally, for IDEs, the above "yum list" command tells me you can get monodevelop, but there might be others:

# yum install monodevelop

Note: I might be completely wrong as I've never done any Mono development. :)