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What is Yum Extender a.k.a yumex

yumex is a GUI for the yum package manager, it is written in Python and is using the PyGTK toolkit for GUI Components.

Sometimes its nice to browse through all of the programs that are present in a repository, or to narrow down the list or programs by performing a search. yumex allows you to do so.

Advantages/Disadvantages of Yumex

  • Create a advanced yum gui with a lot of features for both the novice and the advanced users.
  • Make it easy to update, install and remove application.
  • Make it easy to find applications.
  • Give the user a choice to see what is going on between behind the curtains.
  • Show the power of yum.
  • Give the user access to some of the more advanced features of yum in an easy way.
  • Better filtering of search results.