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To me best way is to use man which is the manual for almost every command that you can use on the terminal you can used like

man ls

On my experience first learn how to use vi or vim editor, so you can manage or configure files that may need editing, there are a bunch of online help for vim

read the manuals and learn commands in no particular order like ls, lsbkl, fdisk, vim, grep, sed systemctl, firewall-cmd, dnf, chown, chmod, adduser, rm, mv, usermod, groups, groupadd, groupmod, userdel, grub2, lvm and more

There are manuals for configuration files too. So you can live on the terminal and read all manuals.

Those are the basic commands to learn, at least to me.

The more time you spend and do stuff on the terminal the more you will learn, so avoid the graphics interface as much as possible.

Good luck