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I solved this issue with two steps.

1) Used a Live environment to mount my root partition and chroot into it (google how to do this).

2) Ran dnf distro-sync to revert to Fedora 26.

This allowed me to then boot back into Fedora 26 and perform the upgrade process as normal.

I had two issues with this process. In the chroot environment dnf could not resolve repositories because /etc/resolv.conf was empty. I had to delete the symlink and create my own resolv.conf in order to proceed (create the file and put 'Nameserver' in it).

After that when i booted back in normally, again dnf could not resolve repositories because my ca certficates had been corrupted or something. I had to set sslverifiy=false to proceed. I reset to true after the upgrade and re-installing the certificates.

Hope this helps someone in the future.