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Please visit and pull down a Fedora 27 network istall Remix. The Network installation Remix is entirely in English.

The RFRemix includes a installation list of extra software (tested) that works with Fedora 27. Instead of hunting at different sites for codecs, steam, adobe, skype, .... and then debugging why that extra software is not working, RFRemix has done the work for you.

Russia is not bound by RedHat's constraints to be entirely GPL3, even though most software from the site has accompanying source, some, such as adobe, or steam, or ... are binary only. RFRemix includes vlc, gparted, and more. I use the Gnome version on even day numbers in the year and the KDE Plasma version on the odd days of the year.

Both KDE and Gnome are great. Give that network installation iso a try. You will be pleasantly surprised.