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we are given option to choose between Bleeding edge and Rock Solid Stability.

go for Fedora to experience the thrill and enjoy the cutting edge tech, it may break with an update and you have to wait till a fix is released or find a work around.


go for RHEL/CentOS install and configure the system once and use for another 10years or more - best for production systems. this system rarely breaks and is worth trying out if you just need to get the work done and not care about latest updates to apps or new feature additions.

i remember CentOS had older version of Gnome than in Fedora which was sleek and low on resources. you can downgrade to older Gnome version by following various guides available on net for same.

i was earlier using CentOS 6 with Gnome 2 for along time at home, when i tried few latest Linux Live images i felt stuck back in time and decided to try some new experience with Fedora Gnome.

i really like the Gnome which comes with fedora and no issues so far. and if you need a stable Gnome experience you can go for CentOS/RHEL.