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Welcome to ask.fedora. In order to answer your question, I need to explain the differences between the three versions. RHEL is, as its name says, an Enterprise Class distribution with paid support, and RedHat does the best it can to use only stable, well-tested versions of everything, including Gnome. CentOS is a community-supported distribution based on an older version of RedHat. The software is, again, well-tested and stable, but it doesn't update or upgrade very often. If you need stability but can't afford (or don't expect to need) paid support, CentOS is a good choice. Fedora is a rapidly-evolving, community-supported testbed for new programs, new ideas, new technologies that are normally good enough for everyday and home use but may not quite be ready for Prime Time. There are updates/upgrades to various packages almost daily, a new version is released every six to nine months, and only the two most recent receive updates or patches, even for security issues. Thus, the version of Gnome3 provided with Fedora may still have rough edges, the one you get with RHEL should work smoothly and CentOS will give you an older version of Gnome3 that will work just fine, even though it's not the Latest and Greatest.

If you have any more questions, or need help with any issues, please feel free to ask, as that's what we're here for. Again, welcome to ask.fedora!