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There is no one command or tool to check whether your system is working properly. When using it, you should notice if something is not working as expected and then you can start digging and exploring the error(s). Are you suspecting your system not working fine?

gnome-logs is a good app to start with. It shows you warnings and errors about your system. Then, there is Gnome's ABRT (gnome-abrt) that collects and presents system and program crashes. You can also report crashes from there.


dmesg -H or if you want to filter for the keyword error, you can run dmesg -H | grep -i error, for example.

For the log files, use journalctl, or journalctl -f, all depending on what you are searching for (journalctl --help for more info).

systemctl --state=failed is another option to check for potential problems ( systemctl --help for more info).