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First, switch to a text console: Ctrl+Alt+F4 (Or some other F-Key. F1 and/or F2 should be GDM and Gnome. You can switch back and forth as you desire.)

Login to the text console using your Username and Password. Does that work? Any errors?

If you can login: Try the "startx" command to start Gnome. Does it work? (In case it works you can use this as a temporary workaround. You can go back to the text-only console by logging out of Gnome.)

If you can login in text mode, do this with your account. If you can't, do this logged in with another account: Run "journalctl --follow" to see the system log. Switch back to the Graphical login screen and try logging in. Switch back to the text console running journalctl to see if any errors pop up. (You can do this via SSH too, if you have it set up. Debugging is much more comfortable from another computer via SSH imo.)

If you need further assistance, provide as much information as possible. (Edit your question or comment. You can use the fpaste command to easily upload log files and post the links here.)