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Hello, thank you for the quick answering. Indeed, I managed to find out how the custom partition settings works, but, then two main questions were raised: 1o - It seems that when I customize the /boot, two additional boot options show up; biosboot or /efiboot, depending from how we run the live system. Should I need to add both the /boot and the second /boot/bios (efi) now?

2nd: The PC contains (accordind to the products specifications): -a Intel SATA controller , 10 x 6 Gbits/s, - an on -board and an Intel Matrix Storage RAID , alternative (BIOS) Should I need to consider the RAID for booting (I am planning to have a dual boot with windows 10 in the future)?

3o- I have two hard drives, one of SSB 250 GB, which I am thinking to use for the partitions: / , /boot, /var, /swap (16 BG), and a second disk of 2T SATA which I think to place the /home and (space for windows system; don´t know how to call this partition). Is this the correct way? Also, do you think is worth to make another swap of 16 GiB in this disk (the worksation will be used for heavy calculation and 3 D visualization wih NVidea Quadro P4000).

4o- I used the Fedora Media Writer tool on windows 10Pro, maybe i did something wrong, as I was convinced that it had picked up the right spin from my PC? But that leads me to the question on how to run CHECKSUM in windows 10 PRO? I´ll repeat the process...

5o - If a partition e.g /home is placed both in the two hard drive disk, using the LVM , and if one of the disks fails, with I loose all the data?

Thank you for all the support. Susana