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My impression is that xinput is an X11 client that needs to communicate with an X server to do anything useful. At least by default there is no immediate access to X server from system services and I am not sure about how easy that is to set up in recent Fedora versions, especially if X server is provided by a user-specific Xwayland instance.

Just in case there are problems in doing that, an alternative might be to autorun the command as part of user session. If you wish to try this, create a ~/.config/autostart directory and in there you could place a file named ~/.config/autostart/reversemouse.desktop with content like this:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Reverse Mouse
Exec=xinput set-prop 13 289 1

If you need, there is also documentation for these desktop files. As far as I know, at least most of the "big" desktop environments and also many smaller ones tend to support this same autostart specification.

I did try your xinput command in a virtual machine but there my device numbers and property numbers would not match yours. Hopefully they will be stable enough on your end that you can just specify fixed numbers like that.