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If you downloaded Ardour from the official website (by paying) it will install with the exact commands you mention.

It is also available free from the Fedora official repo sudo dnf install ardour5 , but this is a slightly different version.

If you are using the Fedora version you will have to use JACK as the audio system. The official one from the home site also lets you also choose ALSA.

If you use JACK then make sure you have it installed:

sudo dnf install jack-audio-connection-kit qjackctl

and add yourself to the jackuser group (to get access to settings you need):

usermod -a -G jackuser (your username)

You will need to set-up JACK for real-time priority and increased max locked memory to get low latency for Ardour.

This is a little in-depth, you can check out my blog post that explains all about it, I recommend you have a look at that before you do anything: