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mattdm wrote: "take some basic time to understand the difference between a forum and a Q&A site."

OK mattdm... I told you before - I want to go to a site to help and be helped... No one cares that you are hung up on inconsequential items like:

 1. The various differences between a forum and a Q&A site.
 2. "Karma"
 3. "Moderation" in the wrong places
 4. Poor perception of how/what/why people use fedora

You might first try to understand your audience and focus in on the one thing that would make a difference (unless you really don't care). After you have ONE success - maybe you can put a few successes together... But really - you need to be concerned with what matters (here's a hint - it isn't about you)... You might want to take some basic time to understand THAT if you are to be successful with this task.