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One more thought...

If your job (generally) is to facilitate support of fedora - you are going about it incorrectly. Possibly because of the tools - but more than likely, it's because you give excuses.

None of the jibberish of the past matters - there is only the future. Make it great. It's up to you.

If I stumbled onto a mistake by coming to this site (because it's nearly a dead project) then - please make that clear - put up a banner - then make sure to redirect traffic to an appropriate site.

THIS doensn't work well... I'm pretty sure that most folks who could actually help you have taken their problems elsewhere... Is that what you really want? You really might want to consider that attitude matters - And IF THAT matters, you should probably be busy playing hacky sack (or whatever it is you do on weekends for fun). Because your attitude stinks.