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Remember... You asked.

This is probably a really good example of WAY TOO MUCH conveyance of innuendo, bravado, and posturing. This is a Long email - you should probably create a poll... OR - better yet - do some of that data mining stuff...

But if I filter out most of it the main points, I eventually get something I can respond to.

Personally, I really just want to come to a web-site for help (and to help others)... Not snarky comments, misdirected and faulty reward policies, or vocabulary/spelling lessons (oh hey - here's an idea - why not incorporate a spell checker for the subject line?) I personally don't want to waste my time reading critiques and evaluations of my answers.

Let's face it - If I even bother posting to a site like this - it's because I've exhausted other avenues. And - while I'm here - I may as well try to help out all the other silly people that make RedHat money (by using their product).... YES - YOU TOO HAVE SOMETHING TO SELL... And I ain't buyin' from mattdm.

You should probably have the new folks (like me) self-evaluate their skills THEN weigh in with the moderation. Even if the moderation IS weak and mis-directed, that's where it should be applied.

When you find yourself thinking that you are the smartest guy in the room(s)... You should probably consider that there are a great many people who know more than you. Not because they are smarter - but - because they've been through more than you professionally (I have no idea what makes you tick - so - I can't comment on your personal life). And speaking of personal - My Karma is mine (whatever the heck Karma is). Maybe you should just label your reward system as "stuff that really doesn't matter - it just sounds kewl" ).

After all - you are getting my comments, experience, and insight for nothing. You need us - not the other way around. And you as a moderator should understand that... To it's fullest definition.

So mattdm - you gotta ask yourself - do you really think this site makes a difference? Does it create a effective means to an end? The answer is (from where I sit)... Not really.

Yes - other forums have a slightly better format - but I don't think many of them are that great.

You should probably decide that everything that IRC was (or is) - you guys wrecked with a silly web-site.

Scrap the ineffective and get on with the innovation that Fedora claims to create.